Don’t be a food Sherpa.


No this isn’t a comment on the Presidential Election. I have my thoughts on that, but I’ll keep those to myself. It was my last few weeks, so I apologize for not blogging during that time. Halloween night, we found ourselves sitting in a hotel room with our cats not certain where we were going to be living for the next week. We had gotten a message from the people who were buying our house saying that they were going to need another couple of days before we could close the sale. We were supposed to be closing on the sale of our house the next day. So, that was fun. After a week of stress, we only moved into our new house one day late because we have an amazing Real Estate team. The next Monday we were finishing all of the moving.

If you’re familiar with Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, there’s some very basic things you need to feel fulfilled. I was missing thingsmaslow on the lower rungs of the pyramid. We had shelter, but not really a home. We weren’t getting sleepy or a place to belong. But the husband and I had each other and our cats and a U-Haul full of everything that we owned. We were really worried about everything disappearing from the U-Haul or what would happen if U-Haul told us they needed the truck back. We were worried that out house would fall through and I wouldn’t have a place to live. We were worried about work and having to take more time off so we could move. It was literally the worst.

It was an interesting week in the hotel. We went to an extended stay because there’s only so much Chipotle and Red Robin a person can eat, plus they would let us keep the cats with us. It had a fridge and a small kitchen, so we could cook. We had to pack a lot of our food in the U-Haul, but I made sure that we had enough to eat and cook. We also had to bring all of our frozen food and refrigerator foods with us in a couple of coolers and stick them in the room’s fridge, because there’s no way I’m buying fresh hoisin sauce. That’s stuff if expensive.

So, I was a Food Sherpa, out of necessity not out of choice. Still I over packed the dry good too, but not by much. I’m still trying to figure out the balance there. In in this instance, I needed to plan  for as many meals as I could. I had quick lunches and dinners that we could make with 2 burners, a pot, and a frying pan. I also brought along our electric kettle, a handful of seasoning, and a few other kitchen odds and ends. It made a really not fun situation feel a little bit like home.

My first journey as a celiac was a trip to my sister’s house with a to visit our grandparents. It’s about a 4 hour drive (in traffic) from Seattle to her house south of Salem, OR. She had been chatting with me all week about what she might need to do, and how to prep for my stay. I brought along a bunch of food, because from her house we had a 2 hours to the grandparents and back. I wanted to make sure I had road snacks and lunch stuff.

I kind of over packed. Well I really over packed. I brought along bars and crackers and785884 laughing cow cheese (which I just happened to have around the house), dried fruit, pop corn, more pop corn, and more pop corn (a girl has to be prepared.) Honestly, I ate crackers and cheese, a bar, and a lot of pop corn (have I mentioned before that I like popcorn?) I brought back almost as much food as I left with. Usually, when I do the road tripping, it’s a bad of chips and something to drink. There is always that thought of, if I really need something I can stop. I have gone to conventions with coolers full of food for 3-4 days of being away from home for 3 people. I brought about half of that for just me.

I will tell you this, when you go on a trip, have a meal plan. I know it’s one more thing to think about when you packing, but that meal plan will save you. Know what you’re going to have for breakfasts. Know what you’re going to need to pick up there (there’s no way I’m ever taking yogurt on a plane.) And keep it simple. If you can get away with one breakfast item for all of the days, do it. When you travel, space is important, even if your driving, so make sure you make the most of it. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ever going to choose to have a box of GF cookies over an extra pair of jeans.


Popcorn would be another story, but that can go in the carry on. You need something to munch on the plane.

Getting that that holiday season is coming up, and that is the time that everyone goes a visiting, think about this. What can’t get where I’m going? What do I need to get there? What meals are the most important to eat on my own? Make a list your meals and what you’re going to need to prep them. Then get just the basics. Think about it like Blue Apron but you do it yourself, and for travel. Once you have your meal plan, go with it. Just take it and run with it. That’s the best thing that you could do for yourself.

Thanksgiving in next week, that means baking. I suspect that I will have 2 double blog posts next week. One about baking bread in my new oven (it shows up on Monday I’m so excited) and one about those two cornerstones of holiday prep  Food Network and Pinterest. Stayed tuned. Also, I’m actually going to be traveling next month for Christmas down to my native Portland (I know such a schlep), so I’ll make sure to describe holidays with my family to you in excruciating detail.

I have one more shout out. I just found out that my father’s older brother Larry, just was diagnosed with Celiac. He’s in his late 50’s and having to start out on our journey. I hope him all of the best while he starts down this wonderful adventure of being gluten free! Welcome to the Celiatariat, Larry! You’re in good company!


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