You Can’t Always Eat What You Want…

…but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you eat what you need…pokemon-go-draft-33-photos-34

So like the rest of the world I have gotten into Pokemon Go. Unlike the rest of the world. I am not sore today because I was traipsing all round the world and back trying to catch ’em all. I spent all weekend cleaning my house to put in into the housing market. The housing market in Seattle is pretty booming right  now, and we want to get on the right side of it for once. So I’m totally sore from cleaning my house and making it literally picture perfect. Didn’t keep me from catching this little guy today at Ghostfish.

Gluten Free Pokemon

Gluten Free I choose you!

If anyone remembers my double post a while back about gluten free beer, Ghostfish is my favorite. My sister in law is in town for a long weekend and we invited her out for a beer and some pizza while she was here. She’s a total beer person and we wanted to share Ghostfish with her. As we sat down they mentioned that, in the month since we had last been there, they now have a full kitchen. Now they serve more than just pizza and sandwiches now there’s a full menu including fried foods.

Anyone who has ever tried to order gluten free in a restaurant knows the danger of fried foods. If your french fries go in the same fryer as the chicken nuggets, well you’re SOL and should probably just stick with the salad. It’s kind of part and parcel of the life. The best part of someone who is part of the Celitariat starting a business to fill a void in our lives (like the guys at Ghostfish) they thing about the things that we miss. You don’t see a lot of dedicated gluten free pho places, mostly because pho is naturally gluten free (and if it’s not you’re doing it wrong) but there’s a lot of gluten free bakeries. The bakeries fill the void in the community, because someone has to bake the bread. Ghostfish has filled yet another void in my life, and that is the void of fried food! Beer and fried food, gawd a gluten free gastro pub is amazing.

So tonight, for the first time in more than a year, I had tempura. I can make teriyaki and katsu and even ramen at home. But I love Japanese food, and one of my favorite thing is tempura. That light fluffy better over sweet potatoes  or broccoli or onions…oh I can’t really thing of those things without want to eat it all. And that batter is full of gluten. Even if it wasn’t, tempura is fried in the same oil at the panko breaded katsu or the goyza. Gluten, gluten, and more gluten. So no tempura for me. Well until tonight.

It was kind of amazing. It literally could have been the worst tempura ever (and it wasn’t) and I would still think it was amazing just because I could eat it. I might have mentioned before that I really want someone to fry food to me and bring it to my table, and tonight I had that moment, but it was more that that. This was something that I haven’t had and had been craving, and there’s really no substitute for it.

For a lot of food, I can find a substitution, but there’s some that you really can’t substitute. For me, it was tempura (until tonight.) Well, tempura and couscous and eggs benedict. So one out of 3 solved isn’t half bad. Before tonight I thought that I could survive without these food because, well, it’s just nothing is work feeling sick,  but now I feel like we just need patients and people in the community with ingenuity.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to clean up some cat fur and catch some more pokemon. I can’t let the other trainers get ahead of me!



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