Gluten Free Oscars

Sorry, I haven’t been posting the past few weeks, but I’m a geek and I started playing this video game…not an excuse, but it’s the truth.

Anyway, LAST WEEKEND WAS THE OSCARS. I love the Oscars. The gowns. The movies. Literally it’s my one big event of the year. I don’t do the Superbowl (I actively avoid it if I can) and I never watch the world series. I have the Oscars and Comic Con/E3 coverage. Usually we have a group of people over for the Oscar, lots of finger food, lots of booze, and a running commentary of what we thought should win.

This year was our first year hosting the even gluten free.

I’ve found gluten free entertaining is easier than I would have through.There’s two ways we do it, mixed gluten dishes (flour tortillas and GF tortillas) or straight gluten free. Most of our friends don’t seem to mind eating gluten free. It’s the mixed gluten dishes that get dangerous. I go first on those nights, getting my food before anyone else, and never go back for more. It’s one of the best diets I could ask for.

One of our Oscar traditions is Bastilla (a Moroccan meat pie with chicken and eggs and nuts.) Bastilla is covered in phyllo dough (light a fluffy phyllo dough), and topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. It’s super amazing tasting. The problem is light and fluffly phyllo gluten free. We tried making it on our own. We found recipes that called for modified tapioca starch. After much googling to figure out what it is and why we need it, my husband broke out the pasta roller and tried it.

Well, the filling tasted really good. Like super amazingly good. We might need to work some more on the phyllo.

Anyway, other than that our first gluten free Oscars Party was a success. And we got to hear the first installment of our ever talented friend’s new Podcast. If you have a really sick sense of humor and want a laugh, go over to S and A and give it a listen.



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